How to be an effective communicator

"Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools, because they have to say something." - Plato

Communication skills is the big part of life. It makes you winner in every field if you know the art of good communication.Know when to talk, when to remain silent. Think twice before you say something. It is just like an arrow. You loose control over it once you have released it. Talk less, talk wise. Don’t exaggerate. Don’t try to convince fools. If you do so, you waste your time and energy. Don’t waste time by saying things which is not mandatory at all or it can do without saying it.

Tone of voice: Communication has a lot to do with the tone of your voice. You present or say the same thing but how you say it that matters a lot. It is always said words hardly counts, how you say it that counts. For example; when you call your friend stupid jokingly, he’ll not mind it. But, if you say the same thing angrily, he’ll get angry with you as well. Kind words with soothing voice acts like miracle.

Appreciate people: Aren’t you the one who love to be appreciated? I am sure you are. People love to hear a few good words about them. If you start appreciating people for their good work or their good qualities that impress you about them, you’ll be amazed with the results. You’ll have a pool of good friends and followers. Just try it once.

Listen, listen and listen: you won’t like somebody talking always, will you? No body does. Make a habit of listening. Every people love to be heard. If you start listening, you’ll realize the importance of it. It helps you win friends, business associates. You come close to them. You know them well. You understand them well. In the end, you are the winner!

Be clear and precise: Would you like talking somebody like a chatter box which doesn’t make any sense to you at all? It is always better to be clear in your thinking. Know what to say and how to say it beforehand. Plan it when it is required. Put your ideas in a precise manner. Effective communicators never exaggerate. Be to the point. Remember, talk less, talk wise.

Be confident: Would you believe someone who don’t look confident while he says something to you? If you don’t believe in yourself, how can you expect other people to believe you? Believe in yourself. Be confident.

Don’t just say it show it: Sometimes people expect to see it. It is said; seeing is believing. So if it is possible that you can show something, you must show it. People believe more when they get to see something.  

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