How To Write A Book


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From an Idea to Self-Published Book

8 Reasons Why You Should Write Your Book Right Now 1. Build Your Credibility - Establish Yourself as a Subject Matter Expert 2. Build Your Brand - Get Recognition as an Author 3. Build Your Income - Earn Extra Income by  Selling Your Books 4. Earn a Fortune - Get Rid of 9 to 5 Job and Earn a Fortune by Teaching What You Love 5. Reclaim Your Life - Spend Quality Time With Your Loves Once 6. Reclaim Your Vitality - Do What You Love & Stay Happy & Healthy 7. Leave a Legacy behind - Inspire the Next Generation by Creating a Legacy 8. Share to Care - Share What You Have So that the others can benefit from it

Part A : Laying The Foundation

If you haven't started for the right reason, the chances are that you will fail. It is very important to look for the reason why you want to write a book. There is a difference between ,I have something to say and I have to say something.
In this lesson, you will learn how to gain an author's mindset.
More than writing anything, it is important to learn beforehand as to what to write which is saleable. In this lesson, you will learn to select the genre, topic, etc.

Part B : Mind Mapping

The Power of Mind Mapping
Creating The Outline
8 Days Challenge

Part C : From Draft To Self-Publishing

Designing the cover page Publishing on Kindle
Editing - publishing

Part D : Social Media Book Marketing to Attract Customers

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