Free NLP Emotional Wellness & Success Mastery Workshop

9 March 2019 | 9:30 AM TO 6:00 PM | DELHI

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Free NLP Emotional Wellness & Success Mastery Workshop

Re-Imprint your subconscious mind for success, health & happiness with NLP by Subject Matter Expert, NLP Subconscious Human Potential Coach and Author of the highly acclaimed book by professionals 'The Missing Pie of health, happiness & success!' Amardeep K. Singh
  • Are you stuck with no control over life?
  • Are you willing to get rid of painful memories from the past, overcome self-limiting beliefs, remove fear of failure, fear of public speaking, and fear of losing someone?
  • Do you want to create a bright future for higher success?
  • Do you want to be slim fit & healthy, achieve radiant health, glowing skin?
  • Do you want to let go feelings of guilt, resentment, regret?
  • Do you want to overcome your anger and become a calm & creative person?
  • Do you want to build a great rapport with your clients?

Part A : Mind & Its Pattern, Removing Painful memories from the past and Building Super self-confidence

Subconscious mind has the infinite intelligence. It is also called Cosmic mind or Superconscious mind. It is the reservoir of all our good or bad memories. All our memories are stored in our mind in the form of images.
“Our only limitations are the ones we set up in our own minds.” – Napoleon Hill In this session, we will install a new powerful self-image in our subconscious mind.

Based on what we have experienced in our lives, we all created our self image. We cannot be bigger than our self-image. We are our own limitations. For mind there are none.
Confidence is what takes you further in life. When you feel vulnerable in life, check the level of your confidence which you will surely find at the lowest level. If I may say on the scale of 1-10 where 10 is excellent, you will find your confidence at level 2 or 3 may be. When you have to face failures over and over again, your confidence level automatically goes down and you start feeling frustrated and vulnerable. This way you create more failures. From the NLP point of view, our mind search for reference file when it has to feel good or bad or take any important decision. We all have experienced good and bad moments, successes and failures in life. But our mind picks up the most recent incidents as a point of reference. Thus, if someone is winning, he constantly wins unless he meets with failures and his pattern gets interrupted. However, the beautiful thing is that we can change is through NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and develop super self-confidence

Part B : Breaking Limiting Beliefs and Creating Bright & Certain Future

Man is made by his belief. As he believes, so he is.”- Bhagavad Gita

What we believed yesterday, we are today. Thoughts we constantly hold in our mind becomes our beliefs and those beliefs drive us, guide us every day and play a vital role in shaping up our destiny. Think about it, your mind cannot differentiate between red and blue colour if it was not introduced to you earlier. Suppose you were told red colour as blue and blue colour as red. You would be repeating this mistake over and again without even realizing it unless someone rectify you with some evidence. Why did this happen? It happened because someone told you lie and you accepted as a truth. The same thing happens in our lives. When we accept things as truth which we don’t know about, our mind takes it as reality. We start developing our beliefs from the age of three. Imagine how many limiting beliefs we might have; beliefs that we took from family, neighbours, media, and friends. Unknowingly we are being driven by those beliefs. Some of them are empowering ones which works to our advantage. But, some of them work as stopper to our progress.
NLP Time Line is a very effective tool to create a bright and certain future. Imagine when there are many roadblocks ahead or when you cannot see your future clearly. Where will your life navigate you in that case? The answer is obvious. Nowhere. NLP Time Line helps you clear the neuro pathway so that you can see your future clearly and become who you want to be.
When we work hard and give our best, we expect our audience to be candid about how they felt about the session. Thus, spare sometime and leave your feedback for us to know our strength & weaknesses.