Effective Presentation Skills

2 Days Intensive Training Program

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    Whether someone is giving a presentation in front of colleagues, clients or stakeholders, the core objective always to be persuasive. Better presentation skills make the targeted audience buy the message, products or services. We believe that every presentation is a 'sales pitch' of some kind.
    Presentation Skills have a vital role in the success or failure of any event. If a presenter is not convincing, has poor body language, it can easily turn off the mood of the audience. Providing too much information without adding any entertainment kills the presentation. As a result, it will spoil the entire purpose of having the event and can keep an organization far away from achieving the ultimate objective.
    1. An effective presentation can capture the attention of the audience, establish a great rapport and create the need
    by putting some emotions with the help of stories and justifying by logic and ask for action.
    We have designed our presentation skills program after consulting a few top executives across various industries. We have a team of experts who have spent over 15 years in training & making sales presentations in B2B and B2C.
    1. Public Speaking holds the highest ranks as the topmost fear. With proper Preparation, Design & Delivery, you can achieve greater success in presenting your ideas to your targeted clients. You can leave an impact by demonstrating your influencing skills, leadership qualities, etc. In this program, we aim to teach you the skills and techniques
    that will help you overcome fear, give you confidence and enhance your competence to become a persuasive presenter.
What You Will Learn
  1. How to overcome stage fright using NLP Techniques
  2. How to identify your audience
  3. How to project credibility in your presentation
  4. How to structure your presentation to deliver your key messages
  5. How to deliver embedded messages to influence your audience using hypnosis
  6. How to enhance your confidence, own self-image using NLP Techniques to deal with pressure & nerves
  7. How to develop powerful body language to communicate better
  8. How to be assertive to handle a difficult question from hecklers/difficult audience
  9. How to use various visual aids to design and deliver your speech

Part A : The Art of Effective Preparation, Design & Delivery

You will learn how to identify your audience, decide the purpose of your speech, and collect persuasive information.
You will learn creating successful content using DICE formula, and what to include and how to structure your content to create better impact. You will learn multiple styles to start and end your presentation, and how to create awesome slides.
You will learn how to organize your material for an effective delivery. You will learn how to use appropriate body posture & tonality to look more confident and persuasive.

Part B : NLP For Inner Mastery & Creating Influence

You will learn how to remove stage fear by using the circle of confidence.
You will learn how you can enhance your own self-image to conquer the world.
You will learn how you can deal with intense pressure and nervousness before and during your presentation using NLP Tools.
You will learn how to include hypnotic language in your slides and in your speech to mesmerize your audience.