5 Key Secrets to Stay happy and Attract More Success

Human beings are made of emotions. Whoever we are today is because of our dominant thoughts. When thoughts and emotions get together, they form beliefs and beliefs create our destiny. No matter how talented a person is, he will not be able to use his full potential unless he is emotionally healthy. To stay happy and attract more success, it is imperative to change dis-empowering beliefs which are not serving the purpose. At times, it may seem that the world is standing against us. Nothing seems to be working in our favour. Things which mostly people can think of in that moment are about their failures and miseries. Self dialogues like how unlucky I am, how poor I am, nobody really cares about me and so on. The list can go on and on.

However, if you decide to take control of your life, things will be different. When mindset changes everything around you starts to change. You start to think in different way about the same situation. Your mind stops searching for miseries and starts looking for opportunities. Your pain becomes your strengths.

The great basket ball player Michael Jordan once said –

“Maybe it’s my fault that you didn’t see that failure gave me strength. That my pain was my motivation.”

Our mind thinks in a certain way. Our memories have different place on our mind. When we remember something, we usually look left side up. But when we are creative, planning something or making something up, we look on our right side up.

We cannot really look our left and create something new or we cannot remember something by looking on our right. Thus, by shifting our eyes from left to right or looking up in the sky or ceiling, we can change the way we feel.

For example, if you are feeling bad check what’s going on in your mind? What memory is there which is making you feel bad? Change your eye movement from left to right or up. As an exception some people access their memories by looking right. In that case, they can change if from right to left if they are feeling bad.

There are other ways in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) as to how you can get rid of your past painful memories which I will be covering in my upcoming articles.

How to stay happy and attract more success forever

1. Make a list of good memories – It is always said that nothing is as precious as beautiful memories. Your good memories are your precious possessions. A bad incident can also trigger some positive emotions. It can also become a source of motivation in some cases. If you get motivation by remembering a bad incident, keep that memory with you and use it when you need to get motivated.

Grab a pen and paper handy and write down 5 best memories when you were confident, feeling great about yourself, received any reward, bought any car or house, went on a vacation with your family, etc.

You can write about anything that made you feel worthy and great about yourself. Memories can be from recent past or long back. Even some of them can be from your childhood. It really doesn’t matter when that incident happened; the point here is that it should give you inspiration, a source of motivation.

When good memories are collected and put in one place, it gives you strengths. It becomes a source of motivation and keeps you mentally and emotionally healthy. A warrior, a musician, an actor must always keep reminding himself about the battle he won, the best performances he gave. So whenever there is a need of regaining massive self-confidence, he can immediately access it and perform in the battle of their respective fields.

2. Make God your best friend – who do we look up to when we feel agitated, sometimes hopeless? Most of us look up to our best friends God. When we pray, we get some relief and trust that it will be done. Our thinking is like ‘I have shared my problem with him and he will take care of it.’

We all know how it works, don’t we? So why can’t we make it a regular affair. When you are happy, tell him, and share with him. When you are sad, tell him, and share with him.  Trust that whatever has happened is in your best interest because God is your friend so nothing can go wrong. The best is yet to appear.

As Steve Jobs once said – “you will not able to connect the dots in future, you will only be able to connect it in the past.”

Haven’t we realized sometimes when things have gone wrong but has turned out to be really good in future. But we can only know when have come a little far away from that incident. At times, we come to know immediately. At times, it takes really long time to appear an answer, we may be looking for.

Trust is the key. When we trust our friend ‘God’, he surely takes care of our best interests. He will reveal things in front you when you need it the most. So, make him your best friend.

3. Make health as your top priority – in healthy mind lives the healthy body. Our mind and body have great connection. How does it feel when we are ill? The world seems to be standing still. We don’t like anything at all. We feel irritated. There is just one thing that we think and pray in that moment and that is how soon we can get well.

A great saying “health is wealth” is a truth of life. When you lose wealth, you lose something but when you lose health, you may lose everything. Drink lots of water. Eat healthy food. Include fruits and nuts in your diet. Exercise daily. Take out time to walk in the nature.

4. Keep Track of Your Finances – Money is not everything. But money is important. Money can give you access to the best things in the world. It can help you build great memories when you spend time with your family in the best places of the different parts of world. It can buy you best education from great coaches who will add value to your life and help you stay happy and more successful.

You will learn as to how to stay mentally fit and emotionally healthy which is our resourceful state. When your mind is in resourceful state, you perform up to your full potentials.

Learn new skills such as budgeting, investing so that you can use money for good purpose and you know where it is going. Investing will help your money work harder to make you more money. By saying that I am not good at managing money will always keep you broke. Take the control of your money. If you don’t know how to manage it, learn it. It’s not a rocket science.

5. Make service as a part of your job – Last but it is very important, when your intention is to serve people around you, you tend to attract good people, good things in life. What goes around comes around. The law of cause and effect. Your vibes have more power. People catch your vibes. When they see that your intention is to serve them, they get attracted. They refer more people to you to do business with you if you are a serviceman or businessman. So make giving as a part of your nature and it will come back in a multiplied way. See how you can serve people in the best possible way.

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