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Call Center Training(BPO/KPO/LPO)

Retail Management is a professional program which prepares grad/undergrad to enter in the field of retailing. With the spurt of shopping malls and departmental stores, huge employment opportunities are opening up in India and abroad.

At KCPI, we provide industry recognized short term programs in retail that enable our students to grab a job in the field of retailing. Our programs are backed by internship that gives our students practical knowledge and exposure about retail sector. We give 100% placement assistance to our student after successful completion of the course.

Diploma in Retail Management

Unit 1: Introduction to Retail

1.1 Objective of Retailing
          1.2 Career Path
          1.3 Retail Scenario –Global
          1.4 Retail Scenario- India
          1.5 Prospects of Retailing in India

Unit 2 : Retail Format
          2.1 Retail Formats and Their Evaluation 
          2.2 Retail Strategies 

Unit 3: Store planning, Design and layout 
          3.1 Store Planning 
          3.2 Location Planning 
          3.3 Store layout and Design 
          3.4 Space Management

Unit 4: Retail Merchandising 
          4.1 Role of a Merchandiser
          4.2 Negotiation Process 
          4.3 Buying Process

Unit 5: Supply chain Management
          5.1 Inventory Control
          5.2 Efficient Consumer Response (ECR) 
          5.3 Integrated Supply Chain

Unit 6: Advertisement and Sales promotion
          6.1 Store Positioning 
          6.2 Retail Marketing Mix 
          6.3 Direct Marketing 
          6.4 Advertising in Retail 
          6.5 Market Research 
          6.6 Sales Promotion 

Unit 7: Retail operation 
          7.1 Store Environment 
          7.2 Store Administration 

Unit 8: Visual Merchandising 
          8.1 Shop Displays 
          8.2 Visual Merchandising 

Unit 9: Retail Pricing 
          9.1 Retail Technology & CRM
          9.2 Retail Technology & Automation 
          9.3 Break Even Analysis

Unit 10: Online Retailing OR e-Tailing 
          10.1 Retail Banking in India 

Unit 11: Customer Service
          11.1 Importance of Customers 
          11.2 Customer Satisfaction 
          11.3 Customer Delight 

Unit12: Retail Selling Process 
          12.1 Start of Sale 
          12.2 During the Sale 
          12.3 After the Sale 

Unit 13: Soft skills training 
          13.1 Spoken English 
          13.2 Personality Development 
          13.3 Effective Communication Skills 

Unit 14: Interview Techniques 
          14.1 Resume Building 
          14.2 Stress Management
          14.3 Body Language 
          14.4 Mock Interview 

Eligibility: Graduate/Undergraduate 

Duration: 5 month + 1 month internship 

Fees: Rs.22, 000/-