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IELTS Coaching Delhi

What is IELTS?
The International English Language Testing System (IELTS®) is a test of English Language Proficiency. The purpose of the test is to assess the language ability of candidates who need to study or work in places where English is the primary language of communication.
IELTS® is jointly managed by the University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations (Cambridge ESOL), the British Council and IDP Australia.
Facts about IELTS exams

The significance for IELTS coaching comes for students planning to pursue higher education outside India. For IELTS Delhi students, there is always a good choice for preparations. They can opt for IELTS coaching Delhi, which can help them qualify in the IELTS exam. Other than that self-preparation or online coaching offered by British council can be opted. However, these two ways are not ideal, if you are appearing for the first time as they are not meant for good understanding of IELTS exam pattern and time management. However, as the important and demand of IELTS exams is already known in different countries including India, applicants are not taking any risks and opting for IELTS coaching. Applicants appearing for IELTS Delhi have also realized the importance and are choosing one of the various IELTS courses offered by institutions meant for IELTS coaching Delhi.

IELTS Modules:
IELTS is offered in two modules:
Academic module: The academic module is for those candidates who wish to enroll in universities and other institutions for higher.
General module: The General module is designed for those who wish to undergo non-academic training or to get some experience, or for immigration purpose.

Where is IELTS® Accepted?
IELTS is accepted by the educational institutions in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and increasingly in Canada, the USA and other countries as evidence of the language skills necessary for entry to university or college courses.

IELTS Format

Skill Tested No. of Sections/Tasks No. of Items/Words Alloted Time
Listening 4 Sections 40 30 minutes
Reading 3 Sections 40 60 minutes
Writing 2 Sections 1st for 150 words and 2nd for 250 words 60 minutes
Speaking -   11 to 14 minutes
    Total Test Time 2 hours 45 minutes

Importance for IELTS coaching

Whether the reason for appearing the IELTS exam is for a job or education purpose, the pattern is almost similar and needs English skills. It also needs a lot of accuracy, which can be obtained with good practice and under excellent guidance. Before appearing for the exam, at least three months should be given for understanding the pattern of the exam. For achieving some good score, follow the guidance given by some experience IELTS course faculty at the IELTS coaching delhi centre. In India, for IELTS Delhi students, IELTS test centers are available in different parts of the city. So, obviously many institutions are also there for IELTS coaching Delhi. These institutions offer various IELTS courses suitable for different formats of the exam. Applicants can also choose the IELTS course in either online or classroom mode.

Tips and Strategies
IELTS exam involves technicalities, you must prepare for IELTS exam like any other exam even you have mastery over usage of English. On one hand, the fee for IELTS test is high. A person who achieves a low band score in IELTS has to wait for a month before he or she can appear for the test again. Thus, even you have a good level of English, you must prepare for at least 2-3 weeks in preparation for IELTS exam. Tips to score high in Listening section:

# Practice using different software
# Utilize the time properly and go through the questions well
# Do pre-listening activities that helps
# Do not panic if you miss attempting a question, simply move to the next question, you may guess the answer later.
# There is no negative marking in IELTS exam so you must attempt all the questions.

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Selecting a Coaching institution

It is wise to select a reputed institution and is also the most suggested option. The most important thing is to consider is experience of faculty members. Look for a well trained or experienced faculty who has lots of knowledge and is well versed with IELTS exam. You may also check if the faculty has done any sort of certification which proves his/her skills. The number of institutes to select for IELTS Delhi applicant is more. However, KCPI is one of the best providers of IELTS coaching Delhi, which has satisfied all the conditions such as;

# Trained faculty by British Council
# Provides good courseware for practicing all the sections
# Special emphasis given on high scored sections
# separate coaching for two different modules which are General and Academic
# Unlimited hours for practicing listening section
# 200 questions are provided to practice speaking section to fetch good band scores

IELTS coaching delhi is a must for achieving a qualified score, you can get benefits of expertise of KCPI in IELTS Delhi. Speak To OurTrainer : 99710 17178